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Interview with Elmadani Belmadani

ельмадани бельмадани 

-How did you find out the project "I am in a circle of friends?" Why did you decide to participate? Have you previously been engaged in similar non-commercial projects?

 Yes I found the project "circles of friends" by Svetlana Sarakhova is a friend on Facebook, we first exchanged views on art projects. The idea I decided to participate is to show my art to the widest art fans and collectors in most countries and to show the Moroccan art. Yes I have friends who organize events and they invited me to take part in their events.

-How long have you been doing  art?  How did you start?

I started drawing and painting at the age of five years, I was too litle child, I discovered in myself that art is born with me.

-What is your greatest achievement in the sphere of art? What kind of work would you never sell, even for a million?

 My greatest achievement is always to be satisfied with the artistic side and not the for only the financial side, I sell my paintings or not it is the same for me. My great success in the Art is my participation in events in Russia, Turkey and Biennials in the United States.

-What inspires you?

I painted the abstract, and semi-abstract from 1970 to 1975, I left myself not in it and I painted the réamisme to finish with Impressionist I find in it my largest passion .

What is the plot of the book you would draw a picture  for?

I did a project in France to illustrate poems not yet appeared.

-If you picked up the soundtrack to your works, what would it be?

My works with the soundtrack or not remain the same, visitors are conscious enough to value the work.

But , it's a soundtrack that i like to listen to it once i see my artworks .

-What is "Circle of friends" for you?

To me a circle of friends is an alliance of artists is to exchange ideas to create art projects that can improve their creativity.

-What emotions promote the creative impulse - positive or negative ones?

The emotion that can promote creativity is the feeling inside that is born with the artist.

-What is more important for you: to focus the audience on pressing contemporary matters, to answer the "eternal" questions, and perhaps, to express yourself, show off your inner world?

The subjects of my art is free from coercion, I paint what I like and what I feel, I do not paint what the public likes, but I paint that I like myself.

-Can you call yourself a follower of any author, or has your style formed without anyone's influence?

I have a good notion of the history of art, I was influenced by great masters , but that does not mean that my style is  the same is different at all .

-Have you had a crises of creativity. How did you overcome it?

Sometimes I need to rest and wait for inspiration to resume painting , then i continue , but I never give up to paint .

-How do you feel being criticized?  Whose opinion really matters to you?

I like to be criticized it gives me more thrust to overcome some things. I like criticism if it's far from hatred and jealousy.

-What does "success" mean for you?

Success to me is the success of an artist who began painting 51 years ago at the age of 5 years and I think after all those longs years i deserve success.

-What would you like to try in life?

I like to try in life to make a big art project that can keep my name in history before quite this life .

-What was your  most striking impression of the project "I am in a circle of friends?"

My impression most striking in the project "I'm in a circle of friends" is the best organization, credibility, and the friendliness of its members.

Alena Agafonova
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